What's Planet Hosting?

Do you really need unlimited web hosting?

How many time do you call your hosting company in a month?

Most of the websites do not need unlimited disk space and bandwidth to run smoothly. Neither, as a website owner you need to call frequently to seek technical assistance. To offer both features, web hosting companies has to add the cost to the price which you pay.

Think before paying heavy price for hosting your website!

While many web hosting companies gives unlimited disk/bandwidth hosting with 24x7 telephonic support, we offer limited disk/bandwidth hosting and support and pass the savings to our customers. We believe that majority of website owners do not require unlimited resources and rather they are wasting their hard earned money to pay monthly hosting fees.

With PlanetHosting.in, you can get web hosting services which are easy on your pocket while gives you enough resources with quality features to run your website smoothly! So, what are you waiting for. Just check one of our web hosting plan below and sign-up today!